About Us


Who we are

Of Maine Wood is a small family business operating from an old ocean-side  farmstead on the rugged coast of Blue Hill, Maine. We choose to work only with local wood species as we feel there is a special quality to Maine and American Northeastern trees that translates beautifully for the home


Uniquiness of Maine wood

For  eons, repeated ice ages scoured much of New England and the Northeast,  building glaciers of over a mile in depth. The impact under the ice  

crushed all flora and fauna and stripped the soil back to bedrock. As  the ice retreated, trees and plants worked to reestablished a foothold  on the landscape, finding only the barest of soil environments to work  with. The wood from our area wonderfully displays this vitality and  hardiness in its figure, grain pattern and coloration. We build and design all of our products to celebrate the resilience and strength of the wood and showcase its natural beauty.


Distinctive pieces

We create most of our boards, benches, tables, and slabs from single pieces of wood, resulting in every piece we make being unique. While two items may have the same shape and size, the figure and pattern of the  wood will vary. We do our best to show what the grain and figure will  look like by wood type in the pictures on this site, but no two pieces are alike. This one-of-a-kind quality is part of what makes each one special.

Every board we make is hand-milled, solar kiln dried over a three month period and made from a single piece of wood. It is then hand-finished with a mineral-oil beeswax. 

If you would like to know more about us and how we work with wood, please contact us. (Details on the next page)